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Instructions to careful and organized people 

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This site contains specially prepared exercises to students of Pharmacy, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Food Engineering 

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Careful observation, logical conclusions and  patience..!

Uncover or discover concepts and definitions  in Science

Form logical connections and fast..!

Be sensible and find the correct alternative

Challenge your wit, knowledge, creativity and sensibility

Increase and check your lexis (vocabulary ) with thematic and unit-oriented puzzles

Connect the appropriate segments to build short paragraphs

Valuable links to all those interested in language and science

Updated March 2018




A sample of reading documents...and familiar buildings..!


Collaborative work is significant! (M. Curie)

Serious, intelligent, humble and with a sense of humor! (A. Einstein)

Everything is possible..! (S. Hawking)

Food free from disease-producing bacteria..! (L. Pasteur)

Research can be done anywhere...!! (G. Mendel)

Discoveries may be in front of you..! (A. Fleming)

Claudio Telha is a teacher of English whose expertise lies in the  area of science and technology.